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Street Children in Northern Uganda

The poorest families in Northern Uganda are trying to recover from a civil war that lasted for over 2 decades by Joseph Kony, (LRA) against the government of Uganda. Children and young people have been deprived from education. Communities were forced to live in camps, most children ended up on streets without life skills. Young people now need to gain new skills to maintain healthy living and knowledge against the spread and impact of HIV & STDs and substance use of drugs through education.  

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Education Support for desperate Needy Children

We aim to provide children aged 5-18 in South London with a positive outlook towards their future and away from aimless lifestyle that drive them to antisocial behavior. Our mission is to deliver a range of learning and after-school activities, assistance with homework and run awareness seminars. 

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Clean Water Crisis and Sanitation in rural Uganda

To help bring life to people in rural Uganda who have no access to fresh, clean drinking water and no access to sanitation causing the spread of cholera, typhoid, dysentery diseases. These are major contributory factor to death especially to children, undermining efforts to end extreme poverty

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Alleviating Poverty from deprived Communities.

To transform the livelihoods of the most disadvantaged and marginalised, poorest communities in Northern Uganda by reversing the vicious cycle of poverty through sustainable development, education and to prevent the spread of rampant diseases especially HIV/AIDs, for better health. 

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Relief of poverty
Preservation and protection of health
Advancement of education