Education and young children

July 2013 - May 2014

Funding Target £5,200

The Big Idea

We are seeking for funds to start a project in the name of Wandsworth Ugandan supplementary school. It will mainly be for children from ethnic minority group of African background who lives in the borough of wandsworth and the surrounding area. The project will work with 30-40 children.


We are members of the Ugandan community and we get involved in their functions and they have approached our charity to seek assistance to better understand the concern of achievement at school, to raise awareness of anti social behaviour sffecting young children at school. This is because some parents can't help their children with doing homework. Most children are from low income families and single parents. The project will be carried out every saturdays for 16 weeks.


Children will be given opportunity to meet others and socialise hence developing social skills. They will gain confidence and spend constructive time away from crime. They will also be given opportunity to express their views and involving him in decision making and contribute to improving policies and services on the issues that concern them.


To improve thier understanding and achievement at school


» Give children the opprtunity to link with other children from different schools and they will discuss how to go about doing home work and socialise

Better understanding at school and better achievement at school through support in doing home work

To give them opportunity to express their opinions and views

» This will help to solve issues that concern them.

Success will be... Devlopment os social skills and confidence


Good perfrmance and achievement at scool, less crime rates because they are kept busy in extra curricular activities.


Most children may not like the idea of going for extra classes but we shall have close contacts with their parents to see that they drop their own children at venue.


Monthly through emails incase of any changes then it can be communicated.


The project will be carried out in the Borough of wandsworth and the surrounding area where there are anumber of black Africans from low income families.


Around 40 children from the ethnic minority group of black Africans with low income and single families. They will be given the opportunity to share their views with volunteers, teachers and other children they will also socialise with other children.

Why Us?

African Goodwill Foundation has ever carried out such extra classes succesfully and the children liked it alot.

Read more about the Charity running this project.



They will teach the children and help them with they class work and how to do home work when given.


Will be primarily incharge of organising the all thing. Assist the teachers in class.

Social Workers

Will discuss with the children about their social lives and find out what is most likely to hinder their performance at school.

Relief of poverty
Preservation and protection of health
Advancement of education