Who we are.

Who we are Africa Goodwill Foundation is a registered Charity with the Charity Commission of England and Wales in 1999. It was set to assist the most disadvantaged people in Africa in the relief of poverty, preservation and protection of health, advancement of education and the Provision of humanitarian relief in both United Kingdom and Africa. The more specifically, to support the most disadvantaged people in the conflict areas of Northern Uganda that have suffered the brutal war that lasted for over two decades led by Joseph Kony’s (LRA) against the government of Uganda. LRA war had caused untold suffering to all communities in Lango, Teso and Acholi Sub-regions of Northern Uganda in general but with more severe repercussions to women and children with a direct result of over twenty years of armed conflict in Northern and Eastern Uganda, which left a number of people displaced from their homes and settled in IDP camps. We work alongside local NGO’s and the communities they serve, supporting them to improve access to quality education and skills training. We strive to help achieve financial independence and self-sufficiency.

What we do

We are a charity that helps the forgotten families and children of Africa and United Kingdom take charge of their own futures, creating a life of opportunities that they wouldn’t otherwise have. We go beyond helping marginalised people ‘get by’ material hand-outs are not our style. We listen what these communities tell us so we can offer them sustained support for their multiple needs. Instead, we work at grass-roots level with local partners and leaders in Africa- for as long as it takes- to give isolated families a real sense of hope that their lives can change for the better. We do this with simple, proven and innovative programmes that give people the chance to fulfil their dreams and aspiration, so that they can grow as human beings and, in turn, contribute to their communities and will help their countries prosper. And perhaps one day, it will be their contribution that helps their country stands on its own two feet. With your help we will touch many, and more lives over the next few years. We believe in an Africa without absolute poverty where all the people have the opportunity to live with dignity, freedom from hunger, deprivation and marginalisation Please help us to reach this dream

Our Programmes


Education is seen as a doorway out of poverty for good reasons: with little in the way of opportunity available in a region affected by decades of war and famine, education is the only way that children and adults can gain the skills required to support their families. The sad irony however, is that people who need it the most are usually the ones that can least afford it. The AGF supports existing community schools whilst establishing further support to help provide poor orphaned children with a hope for a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Health and medical Programmes

Without good health, people cannot support themselves and their families, meaning that the vicious cycle of poverty and dependency continues unabated from one generation to the next. Millions of people, particularly children are malnourished and are even more susceptible to infection and illness.

Clean Water

Water is life. We believe that every men, woman and child should have the right to clean drinkable water. But shockingly, in Africa many still do not have access to safe water. Dubious water sources, combine with a lack of proper sanitation, contribute to the deaths of millions of Africa people every year from water related deceases, such as cholera, typhoid and dysentery.


We fulfil our aims to combat poverty through our programmes to improve the health and the quality of Life of children and their families who live in the poverty. Our projects are delivered in ways that provide lasting solutions. We provide the means of local people to solve their own problems and we encourage environmentally responsible projects.

Water and Sanitation Programmes

The Foundation provides safe drinking water and sanitation facilities through the installation of water wells, development of water catchment, canals and water supply systems. “Diarrhoea continues to be the major cause of childhood morbidity and mortality in Uganda, and every year claims the lives of 1,000 children (aged) under 5”. Almost 40% of child death from diarrhoeal diseases and directly linked to contamination water, lack of sanitation, or inadequate hygiene”. Says UNICEF

Where we work

Our story

Why in particularly Northern Uganda?

After living and working with some of the poorest in Northern Uganda, Richard Ameny resolved to make a difference and inspire the International community to combat poverty in Northern Uganda. Richard experienced the plight of children and their families living in poverty, the children not being able to attend school. This experience created a resolve in Richard to make a difference. He worked with his trustee and established Africa Goodwill Foundation, a charity registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales in 1999.

Issues in this Region


For the last twenty years and more, the Region of Northern Uganda has been affected by the criminal activities of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), an armed group led by a visionary called Joseph Kony that has created a fierce militia with no clear political agenda which has terrorised the region attacking villages, destroying crops, killing and maiming innocent civilians and displacing more than 500,000 persons as well abducting thousands of children to be used as sexual slaves or child soldiers. Lango have often been victims of the volatile politics of Uganda. During the 1970’s, state inspired violence by the Government of Dictator Idi Amin Dada was used to decimate the elite of the Lango and their neighbours the Acholi. The two decades war in the region resulted in gross violation of human rights and loss of lives. It is estimated that 1.5 million people were displaced from their homes into IDP camps, tens of thousands lost their lives, and more than 30,000 children were abducted by rebels led by Joseph Kony’s (LRA) to serve as fighters, porters and sex slaves recorded by NGO’s estimate. One of the bloodiest events that ever took place in this region was a massacre in which over 300 people were cold-bloodedly killed by LRA rebels in a single day (21st February 2004) in a village called Barlongo (26 km North of Lira). Armed conflict in Northern Uganda fuelled the transmission of HIV/AID’s through the disruption of protective social and family network as well the interruption of vital social health services. The region remains comparatively underdeveloped and under productive, with economic growth at 1.9% compared to 6-10% for the rest of the country. (Read more from link)


AGF is managed by a voluntary board of Trustees and professionals who wants to make a difference, which still includes Richard as the Chairman. Prof, Newton Issac Ojok, the former minister of education in Uganda Government as the Director. Our volunteers from the UK and internationally, play a key role in providing advice and input into the running of the charity. The main financial support for our work has comes from UK Charitable Trust and Foundations, but we are developing of membership programmes to encourage more individuals to become more actively engaged in reducing poverty in Uganda. Our Get Involved section has information on how to make a difference. To help the children in Uganda you may donate online, or to your choice. We work in partnership with non-governmental organisation NGO’s in Uganda to research the most effective ways to provide lasting solution.



Relief of poverty
Preservation and protection of health
Advancement of education