Street Children in Northern Uganda


The poorest families in Northern Uganda are trying to recover from a civil war that lasted for over 2 decades by Joseph Kony, (LRA) against the government of Uganda. Children and young people have been deprived from education. Communities were forced to live in camps, most children ended up on streets without life skills. Young people now need to gain new skills to maintain healthy living and knowledge against the spread and impact of HIV & STDs and substance use of drugs through education.  


Our team will reunite these children with their families, give them chance for a brighter future, in which they can gain an education and gradually rebuild their self-esteem. We will enroll children in to formal education and truck their progress and support them in order to prevent any possibility of dropping out. The frequency of substance use among children who come to the Drop-in center at least once a week will be reduced. Develop links to services which provide screening and treatment.


To improve the health, welfare and quality of life by educating them through schools and counselling Activities.

Equipping teams of volunteers to identify and build relationship through counselling them to begin to disclose their hopes and dreams.

Providing children with healthcare, education and counselling to be able to heal their trauma and consider a return to family life Offering support and services through intervention to create a safe and supportive environment as a caring family. A social norms towards sexual activity among them and schooling. To trace the family the child has chosen and intercede with them to resolve the issue of the past Activities

Through parenting skills families will build better relationships and prevent reintegrated children and siblings from taking to the streets Attachment and linking with families. Regular follow-up visits are made to the child so that parents develop a more positive interaction with their children. Youth support groups Counselling to rehabilitate children and young people to return to education and family life Activities

To encourage them to seek the health care from a health care worker and counsellors to develop self-awareness and self-esteem and their future goals To provide more flexible opening hours at the drop in centre, discuss basic facts regarding prevention of HIV/AIDS & STDs, using peer-and adult-led approaches, and madia approaches To decrease the incidence of unprotected sexual intercourse and the frequency of substance use Activities

To increase the number of street educators, raise awareness on the risk of unprotected sex and increase the current knowledge about HIV and AIDS Prividing and developing links to services which provide screening and treatment for substance use and sexual reproductive health. Peer educators with training and resources  



Improvement in the communities' education and wellbeing .Success will be measured by the percentage of street children who are engaged in school and permanently settled with their family or foster family. Our impact is measured by the parts of the children that can now support themselves, by funding education and where the spread of HIV & STD's and other disease is reduced through our campaign and support. Develop self-awareness and self-esteem.


Africa Goodwill Foundation has limited funding and continued reliance on donor funding hence we intend to fund raise from our communities and campaign. Opportunities is having a potential to get more partners and to design variable projects that can attract funding from various partners. Dropping out of school will be tackled by our counsellors. There are government Programmes which support some of our strategic objectives, eg, NAADS, NUSAF11. But are closed because of corruption .


We will provide regular updates to our donors through email newsletters and on our website. The report will highlight the success and challenges of our work. By daily communication with Uganda and regular visits from our charity Director we are able to provide accurate reports to donors.



















The Northern part of Uganda especially the town of Lira and the surrounding districts.These area has suffered war for 20 years by the Lords Resistance Army that left most people dead, others ended up in the camps and streets, especially the children who lost their parents in the war and homes. These are communities whose social fabric has been torn apart by conflict and genocide can overcome the paralysis of trauma and rebuild their lives with access to education, and means of support.


The primary beneficiaries are the children living on streets and orphaned war victims by rebels of Lord Resistant Army (LRA), by Josepth Kony. The war that lasted for over twenty years forcing communities to end up living in camps and children resorted being victims of; underage marriage, crime, violence, sexual abuse. the trade sex, child labour, drug and other substance addiction. They will overcome the paralysis of trauma and rebuild their lives with access to education and means of support.  

Why Us?

We have ever held human right development projects successfully in partnership community based organisation FIRD In Northern Uganda in 2009. Capacity we have in caring and, our dynamic experience with local partners and the relationships with the community, which is crucial to increase awareness and create a lasting change are the key to success. We have a wealth of experience in childcare and are member driven, responding to the needs of groups in the area to be addressed and educated.

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