Education Support for desperate Needy Children

We aim to provide children aged 5-18 in South London with a positive outlook towards their future and away from aimless lifestyle that drive them to antisocial behavior. Our mission is to deliver a range of learning and after-school activities, assistance with homework and run awareness seminars.



The project will deliver a range of learning and after-school activities like culture, drama and dance. Raise awareness of anti social behavior where they are at a risk of being drawn into gun, gang and knife crimes. Assistance with homework because some parents can't help their children with doing homework resulting to low academic achievement. Most children are from low income families and single parents. The project will be carried out every Saturdays especially during summer holidays.


Children would have achieved academic results above national average and developed a grater appreciation of education. They would have established their self esteem, regain the confidence and adopt a more positive outlook towards their future and employment opportunities. The awareness seminars, workshops would have gained them confidence and spend constructive time away from crime and off the streets. They would have developed social skills and understanding of different cultures.


To improve their understanding, gain live skills to live independently to achieve at school. Activities

Give children the opportunity to link with other children from different schools and to discuss how to go about doing home work and socialising. To provide children and young people to have achieved academic results above the natural average in particular key stages through support in doing home work and learning. To give them opportunity to express their opinions and views, to explore new activities and culture Activities

This will help to solve issues that concern them. Success will be development in social skills and self esteem, regain the confidence and adopt a more positive outlook towards their future. Run awareness seminars, workshops and other support programmes attached to their health issues Activities

Advocate the effect of substance use and its consequences to their healthcare Promote a safer and healthy community, supporting people living with and affected by health problems.


Good performance and achievement at school, less crime rates as they are kept busy in extra curriculum activities. Parents will be knowing that their children are safe, not loitering on the street being the victims of crimes. Councils interest in keeping down the level of anti-social behaviour in the borough and improving the level of academic achievement. The success will contribute towards their goals and objectives. Community concern will be less time for children to get involved in crime


Most children may not like the idea of going for extra classes but we shall have close contacts with their parents to see that they drop their children at the venue. The uncertainty of the weather may affect the workshops which will have to be rescheduled. Luck of available funds. We will continue to seek for funds from donors, raise from our members and do fundraising


In addition to compliance with donor reporting requirements, Africa Goodwill Foundation will provide quarterly narrative reports through email and on web, detailing successes to date with the challenges. More detailed information and forthcoming activities will be available on request.  



Relief of poverty
Preservation and protection of health
Advancement of education