Alleviating Poverty from deprived Communities.


To transform the livelihoods of the most disadvantaged and marginalised, poorest communities in Northern Uganda by reversing the vicious cycle of poverty through sustainable development, education and to prevent the spread of rampant diseases especially HIV/AIDs, for better health.




The poorest families are struggling to recover after 2 decades of civil war by Joseph Kony, (LRA) in post conflict areas of Northern Uganda, coupled with cattle rustling by the neighboring Karamojong. Infrastructures and the social economic fabric of the area has been destroyed. Children and young people have been the most affected having largely missed their education and other life skills. Young people now need to gain skills to maintain healthy living and make a future economic contribution.


Children from the poorest families, orphan bread winners, young mothers, and stigmatized youths and young people with disabilities will be identified for support. Peer support groups will raise rights awareness and provide training including business skills, access to credit and markets. Health will be improved through hygiene awareness training. Child protection is a strong element for this project. Health campaign awareness will combat the spread of deadly diseases causing life.


To improve access to education and to generate sustainable income for their basic needs.


By giving community access to skills training, they will gain knowledge to set up their own small enterprises. Provide scholarship to students. Success will be achieved when there is significant positive change in the lives of people affected by poverty. Improve health awareness from the spread of deadly diseases


We will support our partners to provide vital HIV-related Services including prevention education. Install clean water system to reduce typhoid, etc Success will be by survey of villages to detail the level of spread of HIV, typhoid, cholera, malaria and other water related diseases before and after the project.


The biggest change to the beneficiaries lives will be through improved access to health, rehabilitation, education, nutrition and income generating activities. We will demonstrate their success through reports from our partner, (FIRD), against agreed objectives and case studies of the changes in lives. Our impact is measured by the parts of the community that can now support themselves, by funding education and where disease is eliminated through our campaign and support.


Insufficient funding that we will review regularly by conducting regular meetings to find measures to reduce these risks through heightened fundraising activity to ensure adequate resources for the project.  


We will provide regular updates to our donors through email newsletters and on our website. The report will highlight the success and challenges of our work. Through day to day communication with Uganda and regular visits from the charity Director we are able to provide accurate reports to donors. 




Relief of poverty
Preservation and protection of health
Advancement of education