Welcome to Africa Goodwill Foundation (AGF)

Africa Goodwill Foundation is a registered charity with England and Wales in 1999. It was set to assist people in the relief of poverty and preservation and protection of health, advancement of education and the provision of humanitarian relief in both United Kingdom and Africa. The more specifically to support the most disadvantage people in the conflict areas of Northern Uganda that have suffered the war that lasted over two decades. As well, any other geographical area as determined by the trustees.

Mission Statement

Relief of poverty Advancement of education Preservation and protection of health Current and planned activities include the followings: In United Kingdom; we are providing after School Support for young people in South West London. Since its inception, it has been reaching out the people living on the margins of society, and bringing them back to the mainstream. Peer support for young people against drugs and alcohol, conducting health awareness workshops and seminars on sexual health, organising community social events and providing emergency relief. In Africa; we are lasing with partner organisations on small-scale grassroots projects that target the specific causes of poverty and environmental degradation in particular communities. We are running capacity building projects in Northern Uganda, promoting adult and youth literacy education at community centres, promoting income generating skills, health awareness campaign through publications, supporting orphans of war and of victims of HIV/AIDs, assisting war disabled people by means of skills training geared towards self-sustainability, fundraising as a way of supporting our noble commitments, training authorities, shipment of items of goods and monitoring evaluation. We are committed to assisting the disadvantaged communities in Lango through participatory capacity building, by enhancing and empowering people. We achieve this by providing fundraising and volunteer support to our projects.

Our Mission

To create learning environments that empower children to lift themselves, their families and their communities out of poverty. Is for the children and young people in our case to be safe, happy and to achieve the best possible outcomes so that they are valued and valuable members of their communities. Is to provide quality education for all children and to facilitate a better future and open new opportunities to children from deprived areas. 

Our Vision

Is an Africa whose children have the opportunity to realise their true potential through education and to live healthy, prosperous lives. Is a world where communities live without poverty in a clean and protected natural environment. To see a world where children and young people do not need to depend upon the streets in order to survive.

Our Values

Is that everybody has the ability to learn and make a real difference, given the opportunities. We are committed to promoting an inclusive culture by asking all our stakeholders to embrace, our aim through the following values:

Our Approach 

Sustainability-Honesty-Realistic- Ambition. 

We work with local partner organisation on small scale grass-roots projects that target the specific causes of poverty and environmental degradation in particular communities. We achieve this by providing fundraising and volunteer support to our projects.

The core areas are on human rights promotion and protection, gender mainstreaming and HIV awareness through conducting and lobbying and advocacy. Since inception Africa Goodwill Foundation has worked with organisations such as Africa Women Development Fund, USAID, NUSAF, NAADS, FIRDS

By creating child rights awareness in schools through club meetings, trainings and debates among other core activities. This project will do a great deal in empowering children who are vulnerable to abuse and thus report cases to relevant authorities for intervention. This project will strengthen the work of district Human promotion and protection. The project will pave way to in the fulfilment of the recommendations of international and regional protocol on the rights of children.

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Relief of poverty
Preservation and protection of health
Enviromental Protection
Advancement of education